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Friday, May 3, 2019 thru Friday, September 27, 2019

Hours are as follows:

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Smith, Koelling, Dykstra, & Ohm, P.C. is an independent member of the BDO Alliance USA, which allows us to expand the services offered to clients by drawing on the resources of BDO USA, LLP and other Alliance members.


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Advisory Services and Financial Planning in Bourbonnais, IL

As your business faces the complex challenges of today's marketplace, having reliable advice from experienced professionals you can trust is a must. SKDO's team thrives on creating these personal client relationships. Helping you meet your operational and strategic objectives that are tailored to your unique situation is an integral part of our practice.

Management Consulting

Smith, Koelling, Dykstra, & Ohm, P.C., in contrast to many other public accounting firms, has made management consulting an integral part of its practice. From the beginning, we have found a need among businesses of all sizes, for assistance in business management. Some of the services include: Woman who helps provide financial planning in Bourbonnais, IL

  • General management and goal setting
  • Mergers, acquisitions and sales
  • Marketing and product pricing
  • Cost and break-even analysis
  • Budgeting and forecasting

These are just a few of the services our firm has to offer.  If the need arises for outside experts in highly technical or specialized fields, we have virtually unlimited resources through our membership in the BDO Alliance. They are available at our request to serve any specialized needs your organization may have.

Financing and Business Planning

Our firm has substantial resources to help our clients to obtain the necessary funds for the creation and expansion of their operations. These services include:

  • Assistance in developing business plans in the overall assessment of capital formation and placement
  • The preparation of loan documentation packages and projections
  • Negotiations with lenders and government agencies in order to obtain the most appropriate financing solution

These efforts have been recognized by the Small Business Administration in its selection of Smith, Koelling, Dykstra, and Ohm, P.C., as an award winner for outstanding effort in support of small business in Kankakee County.

Financial Planning

keithlaptop redFinancial planning is the process of setting goals, developing strategies to accomplish those goals, implementing the strategies and monitoring the progress.

The development of a financial plan can be all-inclusive or tailored to a specific objective.  The typical areas normally planned are: 

Tax Planning:  Tax planning can be a year round process to help evaluate the tax effect of financial transactions and to make adjustments before the close of the tax year.  Yearend tax planning also strategizes the timing of income and deductions to take full advantage of tax laws and pending revisions. 

Retirement Planning: Retirement planning encompasses the analysis of existing retirement plans and current financial assets in conjunction with anticipated living standards.  A strategy is then developed to accomplish financial independence at retirement.

Education Funding:  Education funding analyzes your desire to provide advanced education for dependents. It involves developing strategies to accumulate sufficient financial assets with the coordination of financial aid.

Insurance Analysis:  Insurance planning involves determining the adequacy of insurance to cover the risks that you cannot afford to take with your current financial assets. This includes analysis of life, disability, health, personal, business and long-term care insurance.

Estate Planning: Estate planning is the process of developing strategies to provide for your loved ones after your death. The process includes the analysis of legal documents, ownership of assets and analysis of tax transfer costs.